Ultimate New Patient Referral System
Grow your practice.


Problem: You’re not getting enough referrals.

Problem: You’re sick of the insurance companies.

Problem: You’re not making the income you desire.

Over the past 10 years working with dentists, I’ve reached a conclusion: We truly are a great group of professionals. We’re caring, compassionate, talented, dedicated and highly intelligent…

But with rare exception, very few of you are entirely happy with where you are right now in your practice and life.

If your personal definition of ‘success’ includes freedom both financially with increased income and lifestyle with increased leisure time…

then I’d like to share a system that has completely liberated me and helped me achieve both.

It’s called the Ultimate New Patient Referral System.

Over three years I created, tested and perfected a system to dramatically increase the number of referred patients entering my practice. Now I’m making it available to select dentists who desire the same results.

Make the most of what you’ve got

Instead of spending large amounts of money every month on media, all paid in advance of any actual results, to attract patients who are total strangers… why not take what’s already working in your practice and put it on steroids?

Multiply the referrals you’re currently achieving now by 2 or 3. Do it in your head.

Now envision that increase with virtually no extra work. Let me explain…

The difference is in using a system. You will have a proven system in place that addresses every single aspect of getting your patients to consistently refer high quality patients to you. There’s simply a better way.

Unlike traditional advertising with the Ultimate New Patient Referral System you only spend money after the results are already achieved and your profits are in the bank.

Most doctors don’t have a proactive plan for stimulating the maximum number of referrals. This is a shortcut to the head of the class.


The Ultimate New Patient Referral System will:

  • Generate more referred patients
  • Utilize tested, proven copywriting and offers
  • Implement it in less than 48 hours
  • Plug in a paint-by-the-numbers system
  • Allow you to bring your ‘C game’ and still get results

Structured. Step-by-step. Plug it in. Get results. Fast.

The Ultimate New Patient Referral System works on 5 critical areas of your practice to:

  • Increase the number of patients who stay in your practice
  • Increase the number of lost patients who re-enter your practice
  • Increase the number of referred patients who enter your practice
  • Increase your margin of profit in your practice
  • Increase the amount of dentistry your patients accept

You’ve got to have a process

Most dentists wake up one day and decide they need more business, more patients, more production. Problem is the market doesn’t care about your needs. Incentivized, rewarded referrals only succeed with a concrete process to create them, not random acts of hope that most dentists are guilty of.

Ultimately you need to have a process, a system that you have complete confidence in, that you use and adhere to, to create the results you desire. The absence of a process is the number one reason for erratic results, struggle and roller coaster income. Never gamble your income on advertising that is without a process or system. No more one-shot- random-acts-of-hope marketing.

Back to – what actually works

With our long-lasting recession it’s more imperative than ever to focus on a few things that actually work. While everyone else is chasing the latest, greatest sexy new thing such as creating and maintaining blogs, multiple Facebook sites, daily videos and Twitter feeds to promote their dental practice (how’s that stuff actually working for ya?) why not execute on the basics better than 99% of the other dentists out there who don’t have a system for creating referrals?

Most dentists don’t understand it’s not just about creating the largest number of warm bodies to come into your practice, but to look deeper into the comparative values of the new patients. Be smarter. More sophisticated. Referred patients are more trusting, more loyal and spend more money with you. Period.

Hold everything accountable for creating profit

I’m not opposed to you using online and social media to promote your practice if you can track it and hold it accountable for profit and return on investment. If however you have invested time and energy to these venues without accurately measured, profitable results, then I say wake up and stop following everyone’s advice on using the overly hyped “new media.”

The successful dentists I’ve coached have created environments for themselves that are conducive to success not by blindly following the crowd where a whole lot of people are engaged in futility. I prefer reality. Promoting referrals works. And it’s very profitable when done properly.

My primary goal is to dramatically increase your current level of income in your practice and I believe I can help you do that right now. I’m willing to bet my reputation on it. Here’s why…

It’s becoming evermore expensive

A lot of the media isn’t working like it used to. Practices that are churning big dollars on acquiring new patients through direct mail, magazine, radio, newspaper and expensive website search engine optimization efforts are discovering they put evermore money in for less results out.

The problem is the average dentist is so focused on buying new patients through expensive media that they forgot to pay attention to keeping the patients they already have and getting better at training them to refer. So they pull out all the stops to woo a total stranger into their practice yet they ignore the very patients who fund their acquisition efforts in the first place. It’s a very costly mistake.

Not only is it easier to gain new clients from existing ones and costs far less, but the referred clients also accept far more of your treatment advice for optimal care. You get to take better care of your new referred patients and be far more profitable in the process.

So the real question is…

If you haven’t been successful with referrals yet, it’s probably not because your team isn’t doing their job. It’s probably not because you’re not working hard enough, either.

If this is true, then why aren’t you making as much money as you want in your practice with quality referred patients?

My belief is that the problem may well be bad information and lack of systems. And I want to help you fix that quickly.

We get referrals month after month and that made all the difference. That is what gave me the time and freedom to focus on teaching, coaching, speaking and developing the Ultimate New Patient Referral System for others.

Dental insurance – your economic nightmare

Ayn Rand of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ fame said, “We need to check our premises” and verify that we have not overlooked something or assumed something that is not valid.

If we look forward, we must consider that if the insurance companies continue to squeeze the dentist to preserve their profits by decreasing the benefits paid per patient, if the current economic conditions continue to decline as our currency becomes further devalued, government borrowing and spending increases, and the consumer continues to be more cautious with their money so that our old tried and true methods of new patient acquisition require us to spend more and more for less results, and this is a very reasonable assumption…

At what point do we see permanent, dramatic erosion of our profit structure in our practice?

We are in uncharted waters. You need to protect yourself.

Traditional dental marketing doesn’t work very well. Sure it tries and tries hard, but most of the time, it fails. It fails far worse now then it ever did in the healthy economy of just a few years ago. I want to talk to you about the actual world we practice in, rather than some unattainable, frustrating, fantasy world that the dental media has created. My bias is to that which can be proven.

Check your premises.

The least you can do is investigate. The minimum that’s expected of you is to question your reality. The minimum is that you realize that you are in a box, you’re being controlled, you’re being fed, you’re having the buttons in your mind pushed and controlled. You’ve been robbed. They have controlled you to the point that you may not even understand what I’m saying.

The insurance companies want it all for themselves and less for you. They don’t want dentists capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well educated dentists who sit around the coffee table and figure out how badly they’re getting screwed by a system that threw them overboard thirty years ago.

They want obedient workers; dentists who are just smart enough to do the work and file the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept all the increasingly lower fees and new exclusions to covered benefits, with longer hours and less take-home pay. And now they’re coming for your fees that aren’t covered by their plan. They want to cap those fees also and have plans in place to do so.

They own this arena. It’s a big club and the members are all rich and powerful. And you’re not in it. The game is rigged. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. They don’t give a crap about you or our profession. All they care about is keeping more money for themselves. Well, I care about our profession. I care about preserving our freedom.

You’re not alone.

We’ll help you. We’re here to teach you how to stand outside the failing insurance system. We’ll teach you exactly how to break your ties to these greedy financial giants and ensure that your practice and income are no longer linked to providing discounts on every service you provide.

We’ll give you every single tool you need to build your referral system and increase your referrals in the next 90 days.

Here’s what we’re going after with a vengeance.

We live or die by referrals. We live or die by being better at it than the other guys. We’re fanatical about this. We want you to stop worrying about all the newest technologies for marketing. We want you to stop worrying about your competition. Start worrying about the people who trust you right now with their care and stop ignoring your existing patients’ potential to refer.

Do more of what you’re already doing. Getting referrals. Can it be turned up a notch or two?

Create the future you want to believe in.

It may have been a while ago, and you may have gotten beaten up pretty badly since then, but there was a time when you went into practice and you believed in something amazing; performing beautiful dentistry on wonderful, appreciative patients who valued your work. I don’t care how far off the path you may have wandered, I’ll help you recapture that feeling and get back on track. That’s my pledge.

We now live in unprecedented times.

We’re incredible beings with unlimited potential. That’s not the issue. The issue is whether or not you believe it. We want to work with a few dentists who do.

Now let me ask you one last question.

What value do you place on no longer having to advertise, or discount your fees or sign up with all the insurance plans?

I could go on and on. But let me get right to the point. The simple fact is I think I can help you make a lot more money, faster than you ever have until now by training your patients to consistently refer to you. In a nutshell here’s what you’ll receive:

Make your practice fun, easy and profitable to talk about

The Ultimate New Patient Referral System includes all of the following materials all customized with your practice’s name, address, phone, website address and logo and optimized to promote your new referral system. Ready to go to your printer:

  • Referral brochure
  • Recall card
  • Hygiene insert card
  • Referral letter
  • Survey magic
  • In-office poster
  • In-office counter card
  • Referral flyer and counter card
  • Rack card
  • Treatment follow-up card
  • Thank you card
  • Birthday card
  • Half birthday card
  • Thanksgiving card
  • Thanksgiving reactivation promotion card and insert
  • The ‘Private Invitation’ strategy
  • Daily checklist
  • Reactivation tracker
  • Quick start guide
  • A Brand New Day – The Journey guidebook
  • Get all this and more…

Order the entire system for just $1595.






Or order the referral brochure a-la-carte for $995.

This is the workhorse of the system. If you were to use only one part of the system, this is it. Utilizing the referral brochure consistently in your practice will result in gaining more quality new patient referrals than you currently generate by occasionally asking for referrals or merely handing out business cards. Put a proven system in place.

The proper sales collateral given to your existing patients makes their job of referring their friends and colleagues to you far easier and more effective. It’s the right size and has just the right copy to present a concise summary of your practice with a compelling reason to visit you and no one else. You can order the referral brochure ala carte, ignore the rest of the system and still get great results.

For you do-it-yourself folks, you can hire a graphic artist to create a piece for you, spend several hours going back and forth with them on layout, copy and possibly spend the same, more or a little less than ours. Here’s the difference. Ours works.

We’ve already done the trial and error and testing to determine what it takes to get patients to actually refer their friends and co-workers. Let us help you generate more business with less wasted effort.

Use the contact form to the right or call (770) 952-1212 to order your Ultimate New Patient Referral System

I’ve made this a ‘NO BRAINER’

The American Dental Association states that the average value of a new patient in the average dental practice is $1600 over the course of two years. If you purchase and use the entire Ultimate New Patient Referral System and get only one patient from it, you still will be ahead cost-wise. The entire system costs less than the value of one new patient! It’s of far greater value to you and your practice going forward then what you’re going to pay me.

I’ll give you the ability to get results FAST.

If you implement my referral system and allow me to personally coach you on what to do and how to do it as quickly as possible, with no long hours of study involved, no twenty-seven hours of DVD’s to wade through, just: “Here’s what you do. Here’s how to do it. Go prosper. If you need any help, call me.”, then you can expect to gain five, ten, fifteen or twenty high quality referred patients per month, depending on the starting size of your patient base and how well your team utilizes the system.

I’ll let you do the math in your head what a transformational game-changer that would be for you; the increased revenue you can create each month and how that would impact your practice and life. I’ll let you envision the results.

I’ll personally coach you.

My job is to give you speed of results and the ability to get results, faster and easier without having to do lots of study. And I’ll personally coach you and answer your questions with a high level of service. Let’s wrap this up…

So here’s the bottom line…

Here’s What I’ve Got:

A ridiculously easy to implement turn-key handed-to-you-on-a-silver-platter system that produces more referred patients in your practice.

Here’s What It’ll Do for You:

Enable you to make a lot more money than you do right now with any other marketing venue by training your patients to consistently refer to you and spend more with you.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next:

Fill out the contact form at the top of the page and hit the ‘I NEED HELP’ button. Or call my office at 770-952-1212, ask for Rhona and let her know you’d like help with getting more referrals.

She’ll schedule you a brief telephone consultation with me. We can discuss your personal situation and we’ll both decide if what we do is a good match for you or not. If you like what you hear and I feel we can help you, you can purchase the system. If not, no problem. No pressure. We’re friends either way and you’ll receive some very valuable advice for free.

Get ready to let me show you how to work less and earn more,

P.S. I look forward to working directly with you. Nothing is off-limits as long as the goal is to create significant professional satisfaction and personal wealth. OK here’s the first step. Give us a call or use the contact form. There’s help if you want it.

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Bill Dickerson D.D.S.

"Fred's captivating and entertaining program inspires dental professionals to reach new heights in their practices and their lives. He'll motivate you to strive for excellence and develop new dreams, goals and visions. I highly recommend Fred to any group, no matter the level or professional interests of the group. It's truly an amazing and wonderful program. He might just change your life."

Omer Reed D.D.S.

"Not since Harold Wirth has dentistry heard about philosophy, and the vision and mission that extends from it… until now. Today's educational world is overloaded with messages of tactic and technique. Fred is a fabulous clinician and will respectfully share his output with you. However, it is the input of his personal philosophy, care, skill, and judgement that is a rare blessing. Do not miss hearing this voice crying in the wilderness!!!!"

Ron Jackson D.D.S.

"There are a lot of people who can teach us how to do the thing right. Fred Abeles teaches us how to do the right thing. Not for patients or team members but for ourselves. We just cannot be good dentists and do good things for others unless we are fulfilled in our profession. We dentists work hard to learn techniques to improve our care. Fred teaches us the techniques to improve our dental life. Take your team and spouse to hear him today. It's that important."

Dennis Wells D.D.S.

Past Program Chairman, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
“I selected Fred to speak to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's annual meeting because of his unique perspective and passion for living. The standing room only audience and I sure got a wake-up call. He stirs the imagination in all of us. I highly recommend Fred as both a speaker and an educator.”

Mike Maroon D.D.S.

Founder of A.C.E., Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics
“Fred has an extraordinary talent for sharing his joy of life and unique information. His video is the best four minutes in dentistry.”

Jeff Roe

“Fred is an outstanding clinician and one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. I have attended literally hundreds of presentations and Fred is in the top ten in terms of eliciting positive changes in the lives of his students.”