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Dr. Abeles has been inspiring audiences throughout the United States and Canada with his presentations “A Brand New Day” and “Creating A True Cosmetic Practice.”

He is available as a keynote or featured speaker for your dental organization or business corporation. If you would like to Dr. Abeles to speak at your next event contact us using the email form to the right or call 770-952-1212.

Creating A True Cosmetic Practice

Creating a True Cosmetic Practice is a one day program designed for dental societies and meetings. If your group would like to discover the keys to creating a true cosmetic practice from a master cosmetic dentist and have a fun filled day… Dr. Abeles will show you how to transform your current practice to an aesthetic-based practice with his entertaining yet practical “nuts and bolts” techniques and principles.

There are seven learning objectives:

Smile Design

  • Learn the essential elements of how to design a beautiful smile every time.

The Art of Porcelain Veneers

  • From A to Z…Preparation, design, impressions, shade selection, laboratory communication, rapid provisional fabrication, veneer placement, instant orthodontics and more…

Indirect Posterior Restorations – Inlays and Onlays

  • Create a new foundation for your aesthetic practice.
  • Learn step by step procedures for preparing, temporizing and placing posterior indirect restorations.

Direct Posterior Composite Restorations

  • A new simplified technique for placing direct posterior restorations.
  • Achieving a perfect contact every time.
  • Utilize the latest developments in composite technology to eliminate time wasting outmoded placement methods.
  • Create life-like aesthetics.

Achieving Predictability in Your Aesthetic Restorations

  • How to reduce your stress and increase your enjoyment in practicing aesthetic dentistry.
  • The seven key elements to predictable aesthetic restorations.
  • Eliminating post-operative sensitivity.

Dental Insurance, Fees and Marketing

  • How to create an insurance independent practice…baby steps to giant steps.
  • How to effectively communicate and manage insurance issues.
  • Setting fees…an enlightened approach to your new schedule.
  • Marketing aesthetic dentistry.

Establishing Priorities

  • Discover the missing ingredient most dentists lack in trying to achieve transformational change in their life and practice.
  • Learn an entirely new approach to strategically designing your practice to ensure your happiness and success.
  • Learn how to gain leverage to move beyond your current limitations in your practice.

A Brand New Day

Ever wonder why the tried and true advice on cosmetic dentistry, marketing, patient communications and practice development isn’t working for you as well as it did in the past? Hold on to your seats as Dr. Abeles takes the old dogma and turns it on its head!

This is cutting-edge information you have not heard before. If you’re ready to achieve more right now with hard-core, real world strategy that’s a shortcut to the head of the class, you can’t afford to miss this provocative program.

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Bill Dickerson D.D.S.

"Fred's captivating and entertaining program inspires dental professionals to reach new heights in their practices and their lives. He'll motivate you to strive for excellence and develop new dreams, goals and visions. I highly recommend Fred to any group, no matter the level or professional interests of the group. It's truly an amazing and wonderful program. He might just change your life."

Omer Reed D.D.S.

"Not since Harold Wirth has dentistry heard about philosophy, and the vision and mission that extends from it… until now. Today's educational world is overloaded with messages of tactic and technique. Fred is a fabulous clinician and will respectfully share his output with you. However, it is the input of his personal philosophy, care, skill, and judgement that is a rare blessing. Do not miss hearing this voice crying in the wilderness!!!!"

Ron Jackson D.D.S.

"There are a lot of people who can teach us how to do the thing right. Fred Abeles teaches us how to do the right thing. Not for patients or team members but for ourselves. We just cannot be good dentists and do good things for others unless we are fulfilled in our profession. We dentists work hard to learn techniques to improve our care. Fred teaches us the techniques to improve our dental life. Take your team and spouse to hear him today. It's that important."

Dennis Wells D.D.S.

Past Program Chairman, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
“I selected Fred to speak to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's annual meeting because of his unique perspective and passion for living. The standing room only audience and I sure got a wake-up call. He stirs the imagination in all of us. I highly recommend Fred as both a speaker and an educator.”

Mike Maroon D.D.S.

Founder of A.C.E., Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics
“Fred has an extraordinary talent for sharing his joy of life and unique information. His video is the best four minutes in dentistry.”

Jeff Roe

“Fred is an outstanding clinician and one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. I have attended literally hundreds of presentations and Fred is in the top ten in terms of eliciting positive changes in the lives of his students.”